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The Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is focused on the enhancement of economic growth and social well-being within our downtown district. Beyond our daily goal of developing the downtown district to be even more appealing to visitors, the Downtown Development Authority serves as a proud supporter for area businesses and an advocate for residents.
Welcoming community marker in Van Buren Township’s DDA district.
Van Buren Township’s lushly landscaped streetscapes in the downtown DDA district.
Inviting benches along Van Buren Township’s sidewalks in the downtown DDA district.

Our downtown business district welcomes residents and visitors with a unique variety of gathering places where people can enjoy one another’s company, delicious food, history, entertainment and more. The Downtown Development Authority has made great strides in developing a safe and walkable downtown – key improvements include newly extended sidewalks, charming streetlights and banners, attractive landscaping with inviting benches, and the redevelopment of a major intersection (Belleville/ Ecorse Roads).

The current make-up of the DDA Board of Directors includes the Township Supervisor, two in-district residents, five in-district business/property owners and three at-large community members.

The DDA is responsible for promoting economic development within its district and eliminating the causes of property value decline. The DDA’s statutorily required Development and Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Plan serve as a guide for the continued development of the Downtown District. The plan emphasizes measures to attract and stimulate additional investment in the district, providing public infrastructure to support private investment, conducting business recruitment and retention activities, marketing, planning and identifying potential catalyst projects and amenities to stimulate development.

The DDA has played a variety of constructive roles since its creation. It has been, and continues to be, an economic development agency, a redevelopment agency, a marketing organization, and a coordinator and facilitator among various private and governmental entities involved in Van Buren Township’s Downtown District. The vitality and dynamism of the Downtown District are tangible testimony to the effectiveness of the DDA and its vision.

The Charter Township of Van Buren established its Downtown Development Authority (DDA) under Michigan Public Act 197 of 1975 and gave the DDA all the powers available to it under State law. The Van Buren Township DDA was created to encourage economic development and to increase tax base in the community. It is responsible for making public improvements, and may offer other incentives to businesses locating with its Downtown District.


Susan Ireland Executive Director

Susan Ireland
DDA Executive Director
Lisa Lothringer Assistant Executive Director

Lisa Lothringer
Assistant Executive Director
Craig Atchinson Chair

Craig Atchinson
Carol Bird Vice Chair

Carol Bird
Vice Chair
Chris Brown Director

Chris Brown
Kevin MCNamara Township Supervisor

Kevin MCNamara
Township Supervisor
Joe Baskin, jr. Director

Joe Baskin, jr.

Dawn Chappell
Jim Chudzinski Director

Jim Chudzinski
Victor Delibera Director

Victor Delibera
Helen Foster Director

Helen Foster
Mark Laginess Director

Mark Laginess
Joyce Lastname Director



Downtown Development Authority meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at 10151 Belleville Road.

The public is welcome to attend
To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, protect the public health, and provide essential protections to Van Buren Township residents; Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority meetings will be conducted virtually in compliance with the State of Michigan Public Act 228 of 2020. Additionally, on March 18, 2021, a declaration was made by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners to extend the use of virtual meetings through June of 2021. The Public is welcome to attend virtually. Please click on the monthly Agenda below For instructions on joining the zoom meeting.

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DDA Board Meeting


DDA Board Meeting

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Our commitment to keeping our community informed has never been greater. Our desire is to be transparent and accountable in all aspects we are entrusted with – finances, the community’s economic outlook, projects completed and those scheduled for future completion, along with their associated budgets and costs. Here you’ll find expenditures for recent years and certified audit reports.
Capital Improvement Plan Project Summary


The DDA has been working hard at making our downtown district what it is today! View a collection of projects and improvements the DDA has orchestrated since our organization’s inception, along with additional projects currently underway. VIEW THE DDA’S ACTIVITY RECAP


In compliance with Public Act 57 and the DDA’s desire to be transparent with the community, a listing of current contracts and management services provided to the DDA are available for public review.
    Randy Brown Landscaping

  • Belleville/Ecorse Intersection Landscape Maintenance
    CA Marketing Inc.

  • Marketing and Public Relations Services
    Gonczy’s Property Maintenance, LLC

  • Landscape Maintenance
    Lakeview Window

  • Janitorial Service
    Van Buren Township

  • Water Services & Administrative Services
    Pioneer Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

  • Landscape Maintenance
    State of Michigan Department of Transportation

  • I-94 Pedestrian Overpass
    Wayne County

  • Streetscape Maintenance

  • Security Services

Frequently Asked Questions…

The purpose of a DDA is to prevent deterioration and promote economic growth within a business district by developing, adopting, and implementing development plans. The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Act was passed by the State of Michigan in 1975 to give municipalities an economic development tool they could use to rebuild and reposition their downtowns, increase taxable values and encourage private investment.
The DDA district boundaries encompass the Belleville Road corridor from Van Born Road to Belleville Lake, as well as some surrounding areas, including the North I-94 Service Drive from Quirk Road to Morton Taylor Road, Tyler Road between Beck Road and Walden Blvd, Ecorse Road between Beck Road and Edwards Road, and Van Born Road between Belleville and Morton Taylor Roads.
Board Members serve four-year terms, except for the Township Supervisor who serves for his/her term of office. Board Members are appointed by recommendation of the Township Supervisor, subject to the approval of the Township Board.
Downtown Development Authority meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month (no December meeting) at 5:30 p.m. at 10151 Belleville Road. The public is welcome to attend.
For more information about available real estate within Van Buren Township, contact Susan Ireland, DDA Executive Director at 734-699-8900 x9201 or sireland-dda@vanburen-mi.org.