Van Buren Twp.
Van Buren Twp. The Belleville Road corridor north of Belleville Lake in Van Buren Charter Township is a major commercial hub in western Wayne County. This area includes Van Buren’s municipal center, primary shopping district, varied residential neighborhoods, industrial facilities, regional connecting roads, and borders Willow Run Airport. The area also includes several large underdeveloped land parcels with the potential for regional development.

The Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) District encompasses most of this important area. The DDA is responsible for promoting economic development within its district and eliminating the causes of property value decline. The DDA recently updated its statutorily required Development and Tax Increment Finance Plan to guide the continued development of the Downtown District. That plan emphasizes measures to attract and stimulate additional investment in the district, providing public infrastructure to support private investment, conducting business recruitment and retention activities, marketing, planning, and identifying potential catalyst projects to stimulate development.

The DDA has played a variety of constructive roles since its creation. It has been, and continues to be, an economic development agency, a redevelopment agency, a marketing organization, and a coordinator and facilitator among various private and governmental entities involved in Van Buren Township’s Downtown District. The vitality and dynamism of the Downtown District are tangible testimony to the effectiveness of the DDA and its vision.
dda defined The Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority understands that a downtown district is not simply defined by zoning codes and lot lines, but rather the true sense of community that an area exudes. We value each and every person who visits our Township and strive to provide them with an experience that will make them remember and return to the Van Buren Township downtown district.

Our downtown business district welcomes residents and visitors with a unique variety of gathering places where people can enjoy one another’s company, delicious food, history, entertainment and more. The Downtown Development Authority has made great strides in developing a safe and walkable downtown – key improvements include newly extended sidewalks, charming streetlights and banners, attractive landscaping with inviting benches, and the redevelopment of a major intersection (Belleville/ Ecorse Roads).

The Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority is focused on the enhancement of economic growth and social well-being within our downtown district. Beyond our daily goal of developing the downtown district to be even more appealing to visitors, the Downtown Development Authority serves as a proud supporter for area businesses and an advocate for residents.

We invite you to connect with the Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority online and in person. We are ready to help you succeed in our thriving new downtown!
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