Van Buren Twp.
Van Buren Twp.
  • Streetscape enhancements along Belleville Road, including street trees, sidewalks, benches, banners, decorative lighting and community entrance signs
  • New traffic signals on Belleville Road between I-94 and Tyler Road
  • Emergency sirens within the DDA District boundaries with proportionate contribution to the Public Safety 9-1-1 call/text system
  • Belleville Road / Ecorse Road intersection reconstruction and landscape project
  • Residential buffer fencing along Belleville Road
  • Art Sculptures installed expanding community amenities along Belleville Road
  • Sidewalk / Pathway installation
  • Rights-of-Way acquisition
  • Partnering with VBT Developmental Services Office to complete an office renovation to improve customer relations and service, and to encourage collaboration between departments
  • Projects currently in process: Placemaking and Pedestrian overpass
  • Acquiring land and financing the Belleville Road Fire Station
  • Development of Quirk Park
  • Renovation and rebuilding Township Hall, including senior services, dispatch, police and recreation
  • Partnering with Belleville DDA for Belleville Bridge reconstruction
vision The District will be a thriving well-balanced mix of business, residents and civic spaces that enhance the tax base and combine living, working and playing. The District will include public amenities that improve quality of life, walkability and community well-being. The District will attract unique local businesses, national businesses and anchoring institutions to ensure long-term economic self-sufficiency.
mission Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority will stimulate, promote, enhance and revitalize economic growth development and social well-being within the District to maintain and improve property values using the powers granted to the DDA in accordance with PA 197 of 1975, as amended.
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