Van Buren Twp.


Retail supply and demand in Van Buren’s local and regional trade areas supports opportunities for expansion. These retail opportunities can be met by new businesses, or by the conversion, expansion, or repositioning of existing businesses. Retail opportunities envisioned in the future, which could take advantage of up to 60 acres of new retail development, include:
  • Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores
  • Electronics and Appliance Stores
  • Building Materials, Garden Equipment, and Supply Stores
  • Grocery and Food Stores
  • Health and Personal Care Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Book Stores
  • Food Service and Drinking Places

Based on the market analysis, new retail development should aim to serve a regional market, as overall demand is stronger at that level. Development at a regional level would also satisfy the demand at the local level. In the short term, the regional trade area could support approximately 400,000 square feet of additional retail space. Up to 75% of the overall regional demand may be easily accommodated, and zoning is in place, along Belleville Road in the DDA district.
industrial Van Buren Township encompasses both I-94 and I-275, Willow Run Airport and several railroads. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is only seven miles to the east of the Van Buren Township DDA. Excellent access to transportation has resulted in a significant node of distribution and warehousing facilities north of I-94 in the Township.

The Township is home to several very significant corporate office/research uses. These include Ricardo North America, Visteon, Dana, Chase, Coca-Cola, and General Electric, located near I-275 in the northeast quadrant of the Township. These facilities underscore the attractiveness of Van Buren’s excellent access, available highly skilled labor force, and proximity to leading educational institutions, factors that also make the Township highly desirable for distribution and research industrial use.

The Airport District submarket is a very well established industrial market and one of the largest submarkets in the region. In 2009, the Airport District contained 38,566,823 square feet of industrial space in 942 buildings.

Demand for new industrial space is expected to total up to approximately 200,000 square feet annually, encompassing approximately 600 acres over the next 30 years. Industrial development in Van Buren will be built-to-suit flex industrial space that combines corporate office, R&D, and potentially fabrication facilities. Other priority users will be high-tech industries involved in renewable or green energy pursuits.

Van Buren Township is part of the Airport District office submarket, with expected demand for new office space estimated at 15,000 square feet per year. The market for such use may be greater if offices are integrated with retail and residential space in a mixed-use environment. Building space can be used flexibly and react to changing market demand.  

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