Van Buren Twp.
Van Buren Twp. Van Buren Township was created on April 6, 1835 and named after the eighth U.S. President, Martin Van Buren. The original population of 500 grew quickly as a result of major improvements to the infrastructure, including the construction of railroads, formation of Belleville Lake, development of Willow Run Airport, and building of the Bomber Highway (now I-94). The Township’s strategic location within Southeastern Michigan provides easy access to the region, country, and world for both passengers and freight. With a population of 28,821 (2010 Census), Van Buren Township is a thriving community that prides itself on maintaining rural character while enjoying modern conveniences such as newly developed subdivisions, shopping centers, and office parks that have transformed the landscape over the past 10 years.

Van Buren Township prides itself on deliberate growth. The Township’s tradition of sound community master planning has put Van Buren in the perfect position to take advantage of future economic growth. While other municipalities struggle to find space for new developments, Van Buren still has a variety of land options waiting to be developed. Southeast Michigan is making a comeback. Investing in the unique benefits offered by Van Buren Township is your opportunity to be in the heart of it.
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