Van Buren Twp.
population Over the past 20 years, Van Buren Township has grown, in contrast to the prevailing trend in Wayne County of declining population and shrinking household size.
The Township’s population was 28,821 people according to the 2010 U.S. Census, which is an increase of 22.3% since 2000. 2010 U.S. Census, which is an increase of 22.3% since 2000. In addition, the average size of a household in the Township has increased, indicating more families with children are choosing to live in Van Buren Township.
employment Get a glimpse of the Van Buren Township area’s workforce.
  Education and Health Care 21.7% Employment Data Pie Chart
  Manufacturing 16.5%
  Transportation and Warehousing 11.2%
  Retail Trade 8.9%
  Professional, Management and Administrative 8.4%
  Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 7.9%
  Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate 5.7%
  Other Services 4.9%
  Public Administration 4.7%
  Construction 3.3%
  Wholesale Trade 3.0%
  Information 2.1%
  Agriculture 1.5%
housing Van Buren Township continues to experience a steady growth in residential building. From apartments and condos to luxurious homes on the shore of Belleville Lake, we have it all. Van Buren Township is a premier community with a commitment to providing quality programs and services to residents and visitors. With a blend of rural character and superior suburban amenities, Van Buren Township offers a unique location for business development alongside family oriented neighborhoods.

The median value of an owner-occupied home in Van Buren Township is $126,500, slightly higher than the state-wide median of $119,200. The median value in Wayne County as a whole is $78,100.
By The Numbers... Van Buren Township

  35.8 square miles
  28,821 population
  $126,500 median home value
  $62,594 median household income
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