Van Buren Twp.
Van Buren Township has access to all the incentives available to local governments in Michigan. The Township welcomes firms interested in locating or expanding in the community, and works closely with business leaders to create the optimal environment for growth. In an effort to create a smooth transition for new businesses, the Township is prepared to expedite the zoning and development approval process when appropriate. In addition, the Township Board has the ability to grant tax abatements under PA 198 and PA 328 on a select basis. For more information, contact the Van Buren Township Department of Planning and Economic Development.

Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority
Van Buren Township’s Downtown Development Authority has all the powers available to a DDA under state law and was created to encourage economic development and increase tax base in the community. It is responsible for making public improvements and may offer other incentives to businesses locating within its Downtown District. One of the most powerful tools of the DDA is Tax Increment Financing (TIF) which uses property tax revenue increases created by business investments to fund public improvements including infrastructure and a variety of other projects. In the long run, these investments can save money, make the DDA District a better place to invest and improve the overall community.
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