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The Wayne County Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) brochure describes the incentives Wayne County offers. The County encourages businesses to call EDGE directly to understand what is possible for your business in Wayne County - (313) 224-0410.

MEDC Products & Services A-Z. The MEDC houses a comprehensive list of business development incentives for the State of Michigan. Wayne County’s EDGE team is available to help you understand whether your business qualifies for these incentives.

New Market Tax Credits. Federal New Market Tax Credits are designed to attract investment capital into low-income communities for commercial development and expansion. Corporations can relieve their federal tax burden by investing in economically distressed areas.

Workforce Development. Wayne County’s innovative workforce is the backbone of our economy. Wayne County resides in a region with the highest concentration of engineers in the U.S., and they are ready to design and produce the goods of tomorrow.

JobEDGE. Executive Robert A. Ficano created JobEDGE to help new and expanding companies find workers with the skills the company needs to succeed. Businesses interested in advertising good wage jobs on JobEDGE should contact the County through the JobEDGE site.

To learn more about the asset-based incentives offered by the Wayne County, click here.
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